The Real “Raw Honey”

There are dual factors that make Raw Honey “raw”: temperature and texture. High temperatures are applied to honey in the industrial food process in order to pasteurize the honey.

Honey contains many enzymes that work with the numerous amino acids and minerals that are part of the external digestive system of the honey bee. These enzymes and acids that are essential to our own human bodies as well as the bees’ are destroyed by the pasteurization process. It is true that bees heat their honey themselves, but they do so in a gradual manner that allows the enzymes to thrive and not a quick flash of electromagnetic radiation that is the pasteurization process. These enzymes contain copious amounts of electrolytes, making the honey electrically conductive itself!

Therefore, honey is a healthy source of wiring for our nerves and internal hydration. Secondly, texture is another indicator of the rawness of honey. If the honey is opaque and crystallized and not transparent and liquid, then it contains more than pure honey. Inside you will find parts of the honeycomb and pollen from inside the beehive. These are sanitary and healthy themselves, as they are part of the strictly organized sanitation of the beehive food source. To remove these parts from the honey is also to remove the beneficial acids, enzymes, and minerals from the honey because that removal process mirrors the destructive pasteurization process.

We invite you to participate in the delicious digestive growth of the bees with our raw honey products now available in the shop!

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