Einkorn Wheat

Einkorn wheat is an old wheat crop that originates from the Fertile Crescent and Anatolia which extends from the Nile Delta to Asia Minor and can thrive in poor dry soil conditions. In the wild, it produces very little edible seed, but once cultivated, Einkorn wheat produces short grain seeds that contain more fat, phosphorus, potassium, pyridoxine, beta-carotene, and protein than longer grain wheats that we see most commonly in flours.

This wheat is an ancient strain, it has not been genetically modified through the ages of agriculture to yield higher volumes of seeds, and thus, is not diluted from its nutritional value. In addition, studies in progress concerning the gluten content of Einkorn are showing promising results! Einkorn only contains 14 chromosomes that modify gluten whereas modern long grain wheats have 42 of these chromosomes. 

We now have a new product derived from Einkorn available. This pasta is made purely from Einkorn wheats without any other wheat fillers and contains no eggs nor salt.


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