A group effort to buy food as cheaply as possible

Food co-ops and buying groups are bodies of people that have voluntarily come together to share in food ordering or food shopping in order to minimize on costs, to minimize on packaging waste and shipping energy waste, and to take advantage of the quality goods that are available by using wholesale offers.

The range of types of food co-ops vary from small familial groups of people sharing costs on wholesale to shops and grocers opening a membership program to satiate the demand for high quality local products. These groups and communities strive to increase education of nutrition through the local community by taking advantage of the fact that the more you buy at once, the more you save.

High Organic’s core values align in parallel with the ideals of these food co-ops so we encourage already existing groups to have a look at what we have to offer, and encourage customers to consider sharing the cost on orders of higher quantities of products that you and your friends and family all enjoy. If you are already part of a food co-op and a customer of High Organic, consider introducing our products to your local co-op! Thank you so much!

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