This is the time of year, at least in the northern hemisphere, where we are assaulted by the heat. Regardless if you welcome the Sun’s radiation or cower from it, we all need to change our habits since the winter.

Your person, your habits, and your location do influence how much water you evaporate every day, but it is true for us all, hydration is more relevant in the next couple of months than any other season. Being made up of mostly water, we are greatly affected by dehydration that leads to a weak constitution.

High Organic offers many solutions to those who are looking for something more flavorful than water. For example, children are not known to chug liters of water a day, knowingly hydrating themselves in preparation for the hours of play in their break from school. A smooth mix of blended fruit is not too sweet but sweet enough to get their attention. Likewise, we offer a Rose Hip Fruit Juice that has such a strong flavor of citrus, that it can be mixed with water and still pack a punch while still going down smooth without being mixed.

You can find many raw honeys in our shop that make for the perfect sweetener to any lemonade, kompot, sweet tea, or homemade smoothie. Speaking of tea, if you live in a dry climate and it’s getting real hot, drinking hot beverages will cool you down, just make sure you are wearing clothes that breathe.

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