Why Poland?

Within the EU, Poland is among the member states with the highest number of agricultural holdings with about 27% of the total area of the country covered with forest – untouched by agriculture or industry. Small to medium scale farmers and producers supply the local area markets with high quality organic products that are uncertified. They go uncertified as these markets are wholly organic themselves and do not need any certification as a selling point. Only the flavor, quality, and price move the products in these markets. However, in a greater arena, such as the one worldwide online distributor High Organic operates in, such certificates are necessary because many other products falsely claim artisanal authenticity and purely organic content.

Poland is a country of great biological diversity. It spreads between natural sand beaches of the Baltic sea in the north, through clear lakes, rivers, and extensive wild forests, and through the tranquility of the central lowlands to vast uplands and mountain peaks in the south. Many species and habitats exist here that have been wiped out in western Europe. The most valuable areas of Poland are under legal protection with 23 national parks that cover an area of 3,200 square kilometers.

High Organic does not have an exhaustive stock but this is because our suppliers are local producers that sell out of products in their own local markets. The demand for this type of traditional product in Poland has not waned in the face of industrial globalisation. One thing accounts for this: awareness. It is only because many Poles have been using such local products their whole lives and because these products are available near them that this culture of traditional food produce lives on today. We strive to bridge the gap between the local Poles who, for example, can use their local raw Linden Honey on a daily basis and you, who would like to do the same. We are continually looking to find more sources and producers to make a more diverse and better stocked selection for you. We do this not only to distribute high quality food across the globe, but to support these producers and lands. We can do this by offering these producers another outlet for their product while allowing them to retain their own techniques and methods. By choosing High Organic, you are choosing not only high quality foods, but supporting all the flora and fauna of the land that maintain the possibility of producing these foods.

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