Making Polish Cold-Cuts and Sausages

The sausage is one of Poland’s best known cultural exports. Originally made at home by hand, the polish sausage has become an entire industry on its own, spawning countless variants and levels of quality as well as differing production methods.

The traditional polish methods of making hams and sausages are based on drying. The sausage hung under a dry roof until ready for smoking. All of the ingredients are natural, the inside being pure animal product along with spices and the outside being intestinal or stomach membranes of the animal. This process is a simple, but not easy, one that ends with a purely natural product that contains nothing but the meat itself and any flavourful herbs and spices appropriate for the style of sausage.

These days, one of the most popular methods of production includes curing the sausage. This is the process of soaking the meat in a brine of salt, saltpeter, nitrite, sugar, and polyphosphates. This is done to counteract the greying of the meat after salting. Salt is added to the meat instead of air drying because of its dehydrating and preservative effects and it is much faster. After salting and curing, the meat is then finally smoked. This method is popular because of the expediency through which the sausage is prepared for eating. After this process, the meat is riddled with chemicals that are not naturally occurring in any of the ingredients and too much salt. This addition clouds the flavor and decreases the overall quality of the product.

All of the meats available only through our wholesale program are treated as they would have been centuries ago: they are dried, smoked, and contain only essential herbs and spices if any at all. It is true that the curing and salting process allows for the product to expire at a much later date, but the product itself is compromised. So, instead of choosing a compromised product, we chose an improved packaging method: the vacuum sealed packaging for meats extends the shelf life long enough for it to travel to you, ready for your enjoyment fresh from the wrapper.

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