Uses for Raw Honey’s Nutritious Content

Raw Honey
Raw honey, and only raw honey, has antiseptic and antibiotic properties that stem from its nutritional and active enzyme content. This makes raw honey useful in applications other than as a simple sweetener.
Face wash/mask:
Leaving some raw honey on your slightly damp or using it like soap on your face will normalize sebum production as well as gently cleansing the skin. For those prone to acne, a raw honey mask is especially helpful when applied at least weekly.
Hair wash:
For the same reasons why raw honey is helpful for troublesome skin, raw honey mixed with some oil is a sweet hair conditioner. Simply melt some coconut oil, or any plant based oil you’d like to invigorate your hair with, and mix with some honey in about equal proportions. The resulting concoction is a simple hair and skin conditioner. Comb it through your hair and leave it for at least ten minutes. After washing it out, you will immediately notice softer and smoother hair. This mix will also strengthen your chitin and protect it from dryness and split ends.
Sore throat and cough treatment:
Honey is commonly known to aid in coughs and sore throats because of its unique creamy stickiness that eases the throat. This is truly one of the helpful properties of honey and raw honey, but only raw honey can not only aid in symptom relief but actively fight against infection and irritation.
Lip balm:
Similar to the face and hair raw honey treatment, a mixture of oil, honey, and beeswax will result in a sweet paste that will treat your lips well. I personally use this mixture for my hands as well, especially in the winter when dry hands become problematic.
Sports drink:
Mixing sweet and salty is not only delicious, but essential for the metabolism. Putting some raw honey and salt in a lot of water will result in a drink that will hydrate you faster than water alone and most energy drinks. And, this mix will not fill you with coloring, flavoring, and emulsifiers as store bought sports drinks do. Most of us do not exert ourselves to such an extent where such a drink is necessary for energy metabolism and hydration, but it is delicious and will be more beneficial than water alone. Add citrus for a more complex and enjoyable flavor.
Burn and cut treatment:
Due to its antiseptic properties, raw honey is suitable to treat cuts, abrasions, and burns. Because it will block oxygen from coming into contact with your injury, honey is also an effective local pain treatment. Apply raw honey generously to and around the injury and leave it on as long as you can but no longer than a day. Wash it off gently and reapply as the situation calls. The healing duration will shorten and possible scarring will be reduced.
Allergy treatment:
Raw honey contains small amounts of common allergens such as pollen. People with extreme reactions to pollen should be careful when ingesting large amounts of raw honey. Those with common pollen allergies should try to ingest small amounts of raw honey regularly to normalize the presence of these allergens within the body.
Fruit preservation:
like sugar, raw honey can preserve fruit. Because raw honey does not spoil, using it as a preservative can save your fruit in a delicious mix for the winter. Please follow proper jarring procedure to ensure the safety of your food.

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