our story

We were raised near a national park so the use of traditional local tastes is habitual. In the absence of familial food in urban areas, arose the passion for finding and sharing these ingredients. Without greatly contributing to the destruction of places such as our homeland,  we guarantee that only the necessary energy and packaging will be spent to bring these products to you.

We know that many people have become more weary of the source and process that brought them their daily nutrition. Our belief is that simple foods grown from our earth are not “super” nor “performance” foods, they are common nutrition. Since we believe in the availability of good nutrition in hearty unprocessed foods, you will receive only the highest quality product.

Always with Nature

Our sources have a long history of growing specific foods that are indigenous to the climate and soil conditions. They have no need to add unnecessary pesticides and fertilizers because of the developed tradition of producing their local yield. Those sources are located in agricultural realms far away from industrial and urban complexes. Therefore, there is a low exposure to contaminants and chemicals that have no place in our daily subsistence.

Unique Food From Hard Working People!

Most of our products are grown in eastern Europe where there are many protected farmlands that have not adopted harmful agricultural shortcuts. Whatever you order from High Organic has been created by artisans that strongly adhere to traditional methods that sustain the natural growth of flora and fauna of that area. When you choose High Organic, you directly support the upkeep and protection of wildlife as well as the traditions that are so closely interrelated specifically to that land.