Meet some of our growers and producers

We actively support and cooperate  with family businesses that produce the highest and unique quality food according to proven recipes. This gives you a chance to delight the products based on valuable, healthy, organic and natural sources  with the daily diet. We would like to share their stories with you.


Dary Natury is a family company that grows herbs and spices. Located in the eastern part of Poland, this company resides in a land that has an exceptional diversity of forest cover and holds a long tradition of herb production. Many plants that are harvested as raw herbs favor this land. In eastern Europe, herbs and spices are not the same thing, as herbs are used for medicinal and cosmetic purposes as well as ingestion, thus, this land is also famous for producing ingredients for medicine and beauty products.

Every stage of production: growing, harvesting, drying, processing, and packaging takes place in one place, as it has been done for generations.

Jerzy Bankowski

Jerzy began his work with bees as a fifteen year old by conducting his own apiary of five colonies while helping his father with the family’s apiary that was founded in 1946. Because he grew up in the bee business, Jerzy has an extensive history and knowledge of bee keeping and his apiary now has about 150 bee families that are running with the help of the family. Jerzy’s honey has been certified organic and is in the “List of Traditional Products” in 2008 by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in Poland.


Founded by Alina and Waclaw Beclow, this family farm is located in a village inside an ecologically protected province in Subcartpathia (Poland) Becla produces dried fruit, vegetables, cereals, and other organic products. These dried products are dehydrated using the traditional technique with hot air which allows the ingredients to retain maximum nutritional values. All of their products go through a rigorous food safety control that conforms to the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) regulations. Mrs. Becla constantly improves the production base and expands the range of products, guided by the motto “As close to nature as possible”.

Pasieka Fujarskich

Pasieka Fujarskich has been beekeeping for three generations. Their apiary, home to over six hundred bee families, is located in the Drawsko Landscape Park that is wealthy in vegetation and forests of deciduous trees. Bees thrive and diversify through different blooms of huge heaths, beautiful alleyways of old linden trees, acacia groves, and red colored landscapes of buckwheat. With multigenerational tradition, great experience of family cooperation, and environmental cleanliness, Pasieka Fujarskich takes outstanding care for the bee colonies that is greatly rewarded by their high quality honey.


For many generations, backyard apple orchards have enriched the immediate surroundings of polish country farms. And in the past decades, the necessity and functionality of such orchards has been disappearing. Ekonuta is a continuation of this general orchard that revisits the old apple varieties that were found in such backyard orchards. Just as the times past, Ekonuta’s orchards do not use any chemical pesticides and have been certified pesticide free by studies. Ekonuta grows apples just as they have been traditionally in Poland for the purpose of the fruit and fruit juices.


BioBabalscy is a family run business based in a small village. Although newer to the scene compared to our other suppliers, they have won the competition the Best Organic Farm of the Year in 2010 in the category of Ecology and Environment on both provincial and national levels in Poland. This family specializes in grain products like pasta made from old grains suited for organic cultivation such as einkorn, spelt, and emmer wheats.

Sad Dankow

Traditions of fruit production at “Sad Dankow” date back to more than one hundred years ago. Each jar of jam from Sad Dankow contains a minimum of 80% fruit, the rest being apple juice and naturally occurring pectin. These orchards are characterized by natural growth that adheres to strict organic procedures while utilizing the latest technology available. This ensures consistency in a high quality product and earns their EU “Organic Farming” label.