Uses for Raw Honey’s Nutritious Content

Raw Honey

Raw honey, and only raw honey, has antiseptic and antibiotic properties that stem from its nutritional and active enzyme content. This makes raw honey useful in applications other than as a simple sweetener. Face wash/mask: Leaving some raw honey on your slightly damp or using it like soap on your face will normalize sebum production […]

Basic Rising Bread

This bread recipe contains only five necessary ingredients, making this an ideal bread for beginning bakers, those who don’t have more diverse ingredients available, and those who are looking to experiment with different flours and extra additions. Although there are fewer necessary ingredients, this recipe calls for a little more attention and time in the […]

Making Polish Cold-Cuts and Sausages

The sausage is one of Poland’s best known cultural exports. Originally made at home by hand, the polish sausage has become an entire industry on its own, spawning countless variants and levels of quality as well as differing production methods. The traditional polish methods of making hams and sausages are based on drying. The sausage […]

Why Poland?

Within the EU, Poland is among the member states with the highest number of agricultural holdings with about 27% of the total area of the country covered with forest – untouched by agriculture or industry. Small to medium scale farmers and producers supply the local area markets with high quality organic products that are uncertified. […]

Our Honey

Along with this stamp, each jar of Fujarskich honey has its own “seal” number that indicates the honey contained has been grown, processed, and packaged freshly within the parameters of local tradition as well as the European Union’s organic specifications. The bees that create this honey are necessary to the survival of the Drawa watershed because […]

A group effort to buy food as cheaply as possible

Food co-ops and buying groups are bodies of people that have voluntarily come together to share in food ordering or food shopping in order to minimize on costs, to minimize on packaging waste and shipping energy waste, and to take advantage of the quality goods that are available by using wholesale offers. The range of […]

Einkorn Wheat

Einkorn wheat is an old wheat crop that originates from the Fertile Crescent and Anatolia which extends from the Nile Delta to Asia Minor and can thrive in poor dry soil conditions. In the wild, it produces very little edible seed, but once cultivated, Einkorn wheat produces short grain seeds that contain more fat, phosphorus, […]